Range provides ‘thrill’ of renting machine guns

DONEGAL, Pa. (AP) – The 99 signs he has posted throughout the region – each including a phone number, the silhouette of a Rambo-style M60 machine gun and an advertisement for “Washington County Machine Gun Rentals” – has generated many a phone call to Tredd Barton. Some people are angry. Others are curious. Yet others are amazed over the opportunity to fire a fully automatic machine gun – an MP5, Tommy Gun, AK-47, or M16, among many others – for

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Wall Street titans fail to explain Trump to China

For the Chinese, it’s an opportunity to maintain good relationships with business leaders who invest heavily in their economy. | Getty As China and the United States escalate a trade war, the Chinese government is turning to familiar Wall Street and Washington insiders for advice on understanding President Donald Trump — with underwhelming results. Corporate leaders and former U.S. officials who have spent years cultivating relationships with Beijing — such as Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

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